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Ohio Treasurer's Office

(ACH Credit)

All electronic payments are processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). There are two types of electronic payments:

  • ACH Credit (you initiate the payment and push it into the State’s bank account)
  • ACH Debit (you authorize the State to pull the payment out of your account)

Electronic payments made to the Ohio Treasurer are ACH Credit only. This process is only for making payments and does not include tax returns or reports. Many types of tax payments can be made by ACH Debit through the Ohio Business Gateway. However, the Ohio Business Gateway does not offer payment processing for IOLTA, Insurance Premium Taxes, Cigarette or Other Tobacco Products Taxes, Municipal Income Tax for Electric Light and Telephone Companies, Pass Through Entity Taxes or Public Utility Excise Taxes.

General Instructions for Electronic Payments (ACH Credit Only)

All payments must be submitted in the format defined in the ACH Credit instructions. Please read and understand the entire set of instructions. If the correct addenda record format is not used, your payment may be rejected resulting in possible additional charges. All payments are required to be submitted with a 9-digit Ohio account number or Federal ID number, depending on tax or program type (see the instructions). If you do not have the 9th digit, please enter your 8 digit number in the calculator below and use the button to retrieve the last digit.

If you have questions, call the Ohio Treasurer's office at 1-877 338-6446
8:00am - 4:00pm EST